Interior Design CGi/Visualization Studio

We should mend ourselves back to 2008 to witness the “mise en scène” of our company, BoyeroVisualizers, inside the international panorama of firms working in the field of virtual creation for both top class architectural interior spacing and furniture design.

After all these years, at BoyeroVisualizers not only we have been taking care of our original commitment with both maximum quality and handcrafted processes, but, thanks to our extensive and increasing portfolio of participation in projects whose common denominator is their highest complexity, we have been focusing into the optimization of our production processes until achieving the high levels of efficiency and responsiveness that our exclusive clients are enjoying at the present time.

At BoyeroVisualizers it motivates us to share all this accumulated knowledge with those companies, like yours, that share with us the same values of quality and efficiency.



Creative Director

Jesus Boyero,

Owner & Creative Director

Trained as creative designer for interior spaces, he later pushed his career towards high end interior visualization.

Already in the noughties, and with just 22 years of age, both his trained eye for catching the delicateness and warmth of intimate interior lighting and his complete mindfulness in the comprehension of decorative styles bring him into top notch spanish interior designers. For over 13 years, his images have positively contributed to the renaissance of designs that have shaped aesthetics and culture around Europe.

He runs BoyeroVisualizers with a strong entrepreneurial soul, based upon the constant and tireless quest for perfection, and the simpleness and culture in aesthetics.

Creative Director

Studio Leaders

  • David Lopez,
    Joint Manager Partner & CFO

    David joined BoyeroVisualizers in 2017 after working for us as an external financial advisor during 8 years.
    His long term vision has been vital in establishing the brand in the last years. In addition to managing the finantial area, he also administrates the company with an outstanding precision and is the one of making the entire team feel at home.

  • Susana Vidales,
    Project Manager

    Susana joined BoyeroVisualizers in 2018. Our youngest member with a splendid capacity for learning and evolution. She manages the production team and ensures that the production structure is working first rate. She's the energy and takes care that even in the most hectic and tough days, everything is in the greatest joy and calm, she is our best sprinter.


We promote a group culture of feedback and clarity that help us enjoy a united and motivated human team, where each opnion is taken with grand interest. We understand our structure and ideals as something in constant evolution. We work for you, so you have the greatest productive structure and the best tools at your disposition. If you need to make youself heard, explain your concerns, proffer ideas and take part in the creative process of change at BoyeroVisualizers.


In 2021 we will launch of latest enterprise: a 3D models platform to inspire and guide CGI creatives and designers from around the world through a cautious selection of those objects that we consider most useful and charming. Faced with an increasingly chaotic, messy and illegal, we wager on a friendly platform that supports and dignifies design.