We should mend ourselves back to 2008 to witness the “mise en scène” of our company, Visualizers, inside the international panorama of firms working in the field of virtual creation for both top class architectural interior spacing and furniture design.

It happened just immediately after a vision of our founder, Jesus Boyero, who, being attentive of how the production of top quality digital contents was progressively being abandoned by others, decided that there had come the time to intervene by means of the creation of a company whose commitment with that same top quality were absolutely non-negotiable.

It was a very difficult challenge, indeed. Nevertheless, it was not necessary for us to wait too long to discover how some of the principal actors in the area of design on a worldwide scale, such as the successful London based studio Foster & Partners or as the acclaimed industrial designer Patricia Urquiola, were deciding to deposit their confidence in our project.

After all these years, at Visualizers not only we have been taking care of our original commitment with both maximum quality and handcrafted processes, but, thanks to our extensive and increasing portfolio of participation in projects whose common denominator is their highest complexity, we have been focusing into the optimization of our production processes until achieving the high levels of efficiency and responsiveness that our exclusive clients are enjoying at the present time.

At Visualizers it motivates us to share all this accumulated knowledge with those companies, like yours, that share with us the same values of quality and efficiency. That’s the main reason why we want to be able to rely on your accompaniment and trust in the years that yet have to come.

Jesus Boyero – Owner & Creative Director
David Lopez – CFO
Susana Vidales – Client Manager
Carlos Fernandez – Senior CG Interior Designer
Josune Lozano – Senior CG Artist
Pedro Jesus Caballero – Senior CG Artist
Aitor Garriga – Senior 3D Modeler
Alex Vach – Senior 3D Modeler
Vladimir Grudnisky – Senior 3D Modeler

For general inquiries contact us here:

Torrent D En Vidalet, 22
08012, Barcelona, Spain
T +34 937 683 900


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