BoyeroVisualizers has been behind the success of renowned designers and brands in Europe. Its CGI/3D creative approach is meticulous and personalised and is backed by experience in a refined visual culture that has been nurtured over 15 years by a diverse portfolio of styles and trends creating a versatile studio, adapted to the needs of each moment, designer and market within the world of furniture and interior design.

  • Jesus Boyero,
    Owner & Creative Director

    Jesus has been involved in 3D visualisation for more than 2 decades. His role has evolved over time to become a creative and artistic director with one of the most mature and global visions in the international cgi interiors industry. In addition, he brings to our team and to the creative industry a deep vision of human development to create conscious work teams.

  • Susana Vidales,
    Chief of Studio

    Susana is in charge of keeping our organization up and running. Her talent is all about "seeing". She sees everything. What is seen and what is not seen. She makes clear, firm and high quality decisions. She has given great structure to BoyeroVisualizers and helped generate a balanced and well being environment by bringing great vitality, joy and love.

  • Marc TarrĂ©s,
    Technical Manager

    Marc is 100% involved in any mission that the company needs. His more than 16 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the cgi sector make him a multifaceted profile that brings a mature, structured and global vision. What we like most about him is his unconditional generosity and his leadership capacity. He is a magnificent generator of opportunities.

  • We enjoy the beauty of life through our work, serving projects and visions with an enormous aesthetic potential by bringing our lively, agile, adaptable and dynamic energy, although we are also a studio with a conservative side cultivated over 15 years of production. Our core values are Innovation, Passion for Interior Design CGi, Consciousness and Wellness and the generation of Meaningful Connections.

  • The organizations of the future will put the personal development of their teams at the center. We are already doing it. We understand that happiness and well-being is the main thing so that we can continue to do our job well for many years to come. For this,working on the personal development of our team goes hand in hand with the professional side. A conscientious work team is achieved by improving open and honest communication between people, where each party can clearly expose its subject and from there, arrive until the end to improve the experience of that person in our group.

BoyeroVisualizers is one of the most dinamic archviz studios in Spain. We are constantly evolving through our inner development and change adapting to the future and new challenges, but retaining highly functional inertias and a team of first class artists who have been working with us for almost a decade. We promote a group culture of feedback and clarity that help us enjoy a united and motivated human team, where each opnion is taken with grand interest. We understand our structure and ideals as something in constant evolution. We work for you, so you have the greatest productive structure and the best tools at your disposition. If you need to make youself heard, explain your concerns, proffer ideas and take part in the creative process of change at BoyeroVisualizers.

Current openings

  • Senior 3D Artist - Barcelona

    You will be in charge of producing excellent images with great attention to detail, composition, the aesthetics of light and a technical balance that sets a high quality standard for the different interior design and furniture markets.

  • Junior 3D Furniture Modeler - Barcelona

    Do you know our BoModels project? We are creating a fantastic team of modelers to continue developing this exciting project that we are driving at BoyeroVisualizers. We are looking for junior modelers with a great desire to learn and to be part of a pioneering project.